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Processed Food Is Killing Us

Food is a weapon. Food is a drug. Food is distorted, twisted, tweaked, pulled apart, reassembled and engineered to excite the most primitive parts of your brain.

Your brain is obsessed with calories (sweet) and fat because survival in the wild depended on it. Your brain hasn’t gotten the memo that getting the most calories and fat is no longer difficult. So here’s your brain, humming along, getting...(read more)

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Hi, I'm Michelle (Shell).

These are all my original recipes and photos, along with useful tips and my own silly and insightful commentaries. :)

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Read my latest funny blog post about dancing in the restroom (?!) as a way to battle through my own cardio-maggedon. Dang cardio.


The Backstory

This collection of recipes is the result of my lifetime of experience. I’ve been cooking since I was 8 and professionally testing and developing the best low fat recipes for years now. I’ve spent decades making food that is so good it fools you into thinking it can’t be low fat.

The Recipes

My low fat recipes fulfill your desires for flavoraromaconsistency, and mouth-feel. You can easily make delicious low fat comfort foods and low fat indulgence foods. Your search for great low fat and low calorie recipes has brought you here. is the perfect partner for whatever you’d like to create.

The Enticements

✓ Want moist, delicious

low fat muffins?

✓ Crave thick and hearty

low fat chili?

✓ How about delicious

low fat chicken enchiladas for dinner?

✓ Want a gooey and creamy

low fat cinnamon roll?

You’ve found them all! Just click on a link or the navigation bar on the left.

The Truth

Low Fat Cooking is Quick and Easy. ReallyStock your kitchen with a few low fat ingredients, check out my easy recipes, use a few low fat tricks (that I’ll teach you) and you can reduce the fat in everything you cook.

You can make low fat/low calorie food that tastes incredible.

You can do it every meal of the day.

You can start right now, just find a recipe that sounds interesting and click away…

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